Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween: A Look at Dennison's Bogie Book of 1923

Have had some scans of this well-known vintage Halloween pamphlet in my inspiration files for a few years now, and thought to increase its visibility and fame here on Shattered Silk.  Costume, decorating and entertaining ideas fill its pages along with delightful two-tone illustrations.

These books come up from time to time for sale in online auctions or at amazon, and there a some youtube videos by sellers and collectors that show the book in its entirety. The best of which you can view here.

I  must admit not having done much research on its production or makers, so please direct me to any info you may have on it. It is a lovely little window into traditions and celebration of this glorious holiday in the past, and for fashion lovers and researchers it is a great source of some very fashionably 1920s spooky costume ideas. It's not too late to take costume inspiration from them this year, and if you do, please send photos this way!


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