Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Doris Langley Moore

I had seen this series of BBC documentaries on fashion history entitled What We Wore on VHS in the London College of Fashion Library, but regretfully never borrowed them because I don't  have a VCR.  Currently I don't have borrowing privileges at London College of Fashion because I finished my MA, and the library card has been cut off.  A quick search for the series online opened up the magical realm of the BBC Archive site, where all of the clips can be viewed.

This series was remarkable, not only for its insightful look at dress history in the contemporary context of 1957 Britain, but they were the first BBC programmes to be broadcast in colour! 

I do recommend spending an evening viewing them all - Enjoy the brilliance of the colours as well as Ms. Langley Moore's rather stern commentary and dry sense of humour.  Do also salute her for being a pioneering fashion curator and great innovator of linking fashion to a wider social and cultural context.

Some screen shots I took below illustrate the range and highlights of the programme's topics.